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Over the years I seen many of my friends and family members grow up, get jobs, get married, and have families. With the stress of adult life and responsibilities, I saw their health and fitness levels drop off the deep end. I recalled thinking about this dilemma at age 15, and I “said this would never be the case with me.” However, in my late twenties, I was overweight, out of shape, and lacking serious motivation to stay healthy. As a tech nerd, I spend loads of time in front of the computer, and this certainly doesn’t help reduce the mid-section.

I have a lot of friends who work in an office and many struggle with staying healthy. It is easy to fall out of balance, allowing our fitness levels to dwindle, and before we know it we have all kinds of health problems. There is nothing wrong being driven towards success in business or career. It’s when that lifestyle takes complete control and we lose all desire to exercise. I am passionate about technology and business, but I read once that for every day we are sedentary and inactive, it takes 2-3 days to regain the fitness we had previously.

When I turned 29, I saw the “llantas” (tires, like they say in Mexico) or “love handles” piling up around my midsection and I received word from the Doc that I had borderline high cholesterol. This is when I had a major paradigm shift – I was falling into same trap that I claimed would never happen.

That’s when I said I would do something drastic to make the change – that led me to triathlons. Through triathlons, I became a passionate cyclist. I have now changed my perspective on my ability to do endurance sports – it’s starts with a mental attitude – we believe something strong enough and the body will follow. I want to help other people achieve this same state-of-being.

I am currently the Web Manager for Canyons School District with a passion for web design technologies & social media. Cyclist, triathlete, runner, fly-fishing, & outdoor adventure seeker. I’m married and have 3 kids. Yes life is busy, but it’s so much fun!

Cool Nerd Fly-Fishing

(The Big Trout – La Trucha Grande)

A Glacier lake Lone Peak, UT

Bikes4Kids Time Trial

Bikes4Kids Time Trial

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