“Become Your Own Champion” a Presentation by Jeffrey Spencer


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Jeffrey Spencer, MA, DC at the Salt Lake Running Company. The topic evolved around his new book “Become Your Own Champion” and how to become a consistent performer athletically.

Here are a few gems he presented:

Winning isn’t an accident.

Only once in a creation

Born to win, not whine

Adaptive Fitness Readiness – A state of mind body spirit readiness to peak perform anyplace anytime in any circumstance.

Super-adaptor – master traits
Stability, adaptability, mobility

The champions golden rule:
“Do the homework and the test is easy”

The Amateurs Mistake:
Fill your tank before it’s empty

We need to fill up our tanks daily so our Functional Reserve doesn’t run out and we get sick or injured.

Align Your Wheels – the 90% rule. The champion realizes the need to take recovery time. We need to beleive that perfection isn’t necessary in order for us to perform at our peak. We need to give ourselves the courtesy of recovery.

Start with the fundamental basics first before going to any complex supplements.

Hold onto your power

Don’t empower the little things outside of us that we think is making the difference. We have to learn to do what we need to do for ourselves by ourselves. We are in control of the situation, and step up to make things happen.

Focus on the finish not the cliff

You’re Not Your Bad Day

Overall I was very impressed with his presentation, and the philosophy of becoming our own champion. I may never achieve the fitness level of the elete athletes, but what’s stopping me from doing everything in my power to get as close as I can? Taking it even further, this same philosophy should illustrate itself in all aspects of our life. We should all do everything we can to become champion parents, friends, employees, and citizens. It all begins with choice.

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