Elete Electrolyte Add-in – It Works!

Four years ago when I started participating in triathlons, cycling tours, and running races I realized one thing that I could count on during training and racing…sweat. People who know me can attest to the fact that I sweat profusively, okay, most guys claim this but I truthfully believe some people sweat more than others. Physiologically, sweating is what makes humans such amazing endurance athletes, however without proper hydration performance decreases and possible health risks may occur. Enter Elete, an Electrolyte Add-In.

My first experience with Elete was in August 2010 during the Bear Lake Brawl, where I competed in the Olympic distance triathlon. As part of my set up in the transition area I had a hand-held water bottle from Ultimate Direction filled with ice cold water and Elete ready for the run. Granted the run is only a 10k, but I have formed a habit of constantly fueling and hydrating my body no matter how far the run or ride is.

Well due to an insane storm and some other unfortunate events for the Brawl coordinator (most of his volunteers didn’t show up), there was only one sparsely supplied aid station on the run. Fortunately  I had the water bottle with Elete and as the temperature began to rise I saw several runners bent over from cramps and dehydration. I had no cramping and I felt my energy surge all the way to very end of the race and I finished with one of my best 10k times to that point.

My second and even more profound experience with Elete was last October 2010 during the St. George marathon. I honestly believe that Elete played a major role in my completing the marathon, especially since it was the hottest race in the entire STG history. Using the same water bottle I mentioned above, I had stored a small bottle of Elete and at almost every aid station I would ask the volunteers to fill up the bottle with water and I’d pour in some Elete. To say I drank a lot of water that is an understatement, but it made all the difference and I was able to finish my first marathon, untrained, and only having ran a maximum of 8 miles before in my life.

I now use Elete in almost all of my training and races. Some people have mentioned an odd tasted with Elete, but I personally don’t mind it one bit, especially when it is mixed with ice water.

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