Google Chrome for Mac & Linux

I just got an email from Google announcing the beta release of Google Chrome for Mac & Linux.


The browser is clean and runs very fast, but remember this is just beta, and there are several features that are missing. Darrell Etherington over at theAppleBlog lists out the missing features, and I particularly am looking forward to have App Mode in Chrome. We’re all excited to see progress being made to get Chrome on the Mac & Linux and hope the changes and improvements come quickly.

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome for Mac & Linux

  1. Eric Olson

    I have used Chrome for PC in the past. I thought it would be cool to have it preload tabs for my Analytics, AdWords and AdSense accounts to manage those and then do my usual web cruising with FF. For some reason the AdWords page always loaded wrong by trying to fit all the content in half the width of the browser screen. After a reload it usually rerendered fine.

    Hope they have better luck with later releases and even this new Mac version. Funny the only site I had consistent trouble with Google’s Chrome was on one of Google’s main source of revenue pages. Maybe I am just an isolated incident…

  2. Tyler Toone Post author

    Ya agree Eric, there are still some bugs in Chrome. I recently downloaded Chromium on to my Mac, which is the developer version of Chrome, to open the ability to add Extensions. It’s super fast and I like the way the extensions display the content. However, until Chrome/Chromium gets Firebug and 1Password extensions I will be sticking with Firefox.

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